Raymond Lam defends Karena Ng

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Recently, tabloids claimed that Raymond Lam had rented an apartment and “partially living together” with Karena Ng. During the Jade Solid Gold Awards, Raymond also specifically thanked “BB”, and lead to speculations if his “baby” was referring to Karena.

Yesterday, Raymond attended the opening ceremony of the Eernest Borel flapship store in Mongkok. Appearing to be prepared for reporters’ grilling, Raymond asked instead, “Don’t you all have something to ask me?”

The TVB actor emphasised that he and Karena were merely friends and did not even heard of the apartment at MacDonnell Road. Raymond said,”When I saw the headlines, I was shocked! I have never seen or went to the place in the photo. I do not know what is going on!”

“I have to thank the tabloids for increasing my exposure before my concerts, but I do not need this kind of publicity. I have to say something. I have been a newcomer before. I hope that you all do not write that about her (Karena) and fabricate the news. This is damaging for her!”

Continuing to speak up for Karena, Raymond said, “Every newcomer has all sorts of news. The society needs positive energy. Please do not write about something that we don’t even know!”

Raymond also clarified that ”BB” referred to his family member.

Kate Tsui also attended the event in a striking red dress. Earlier, there were rumours that the lunar new year movie “I Love Hong Kong 2013” <我愛HK2013恭囍發財> will delay releasing in China due to a permit issue.

Starring in the movie, Kate was shocked about hearing the news, “Is that true? I have not heard of it. This news is too shocking. I have more screen time in this movie compared to the previous years. I hope that this news is not true. After all, the China market is very important”.

Source: mingpao 

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