Raymond Lam dismisses rumours to quit showbiz

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Rumours are circling that Raymond Lam is quitting showbiz to help his father to manage the family business. He was also quoted in reports that he would deem unfilial if he did not return to help his father and he would choose family over his acting and singing aspirations.

There were also rumours that Raymond refused to shave his head for the new drama, Food for the Slaves <食為奴> after losing the Best Actor Award at the TVB Anniversary Awards. Hence, TVB Executive Ms Virginia Lok reportedly planned to groom Kenneth Ma to succeed Raymond’s position in TVB.

At a recent event, Raymond dismissed the exaggerated reports. “I do not understand why there is such report? Is it that there are no better news to report? I had done an interview and the reporter knew that I would assume the responsibility of the elder son to help out the family business one day. There is no specific time set yet. If my family needs help, I will return”.

Raymond added, “Perhaps it is because of that award (Best Actor), but my friends all know that I do not desire for such things. If I get it, of course it will be good”.

Responding to his refusal to shave his head for new drama, Raymond said that he had not received any confirmation on the filming of the drama yet.

“I did hear about the new drama, but we have not sat down and discussed about it officially”.

Speaking about TVB plans to groom Kenneth Ma to succeed him, Raymond said that it was natural for the company to groom all its artistes.

The TVB actor also said that he had many projects on hand next year which included his Hong Kong concert in January. Hence, he assured his fans that he would not leave the entertainment industry so soon.

Source: ent.sina.com.cn 

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  1. kevin Reply

    i think they will get the favourite on-screen couple every time there in a tvb drama as on screen couples

  2. kevin Reply

    i just wanna reflect this to tvb so it can actually happen

  3. kevin Reply

    i hope the next tvb drama raymond lam does is with linda chung and there gonna be on screen couples

  4. Kim nana Reply

    Can’t wait to catch Raymond Lam’s new drama…dunno when will it be on TV. I think Raymond Lam and Linda Chung will make the best on-screen couple in TVB dramas.

    1. AsianPopNews Reply

      Raymond’s last drama is “Highs and Lows.” He is busy preparing for concert and filming movie, and heard that he will only be filming 1-2 TVB dramas per year. Linda and Raymond make great couple onscreen. I think all fans will miss their chemistry too.

    2. kevin Reply

      they will make a great couple even if there not on screen