Raymond Lam to leave TVB; asks Kate Tsui over to his new venture?

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According to Hong Kong media, Raymond Lam will be leaving TVB and plans to set up his own production and artiste management company.

Raymond reportedly was upset after losing the Best Actor award at 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards to Wayne Lai. His relations with TVB is said to have turn sour after he went on a high profile relationship with Karena Ng.

An inside source said that TVB executive, Ms Virginia Lok had urged Raymond to keep his romance low key, but the 33-year-old turned a deaf ear and kept mentioning about his girlfriend everywhere.

Raymond’s relations with his manager, Candy is also not as good as before. An insider said, “Candy does not like that BB [referring to Karena] has been influencing Raymond and this caused them to drift apart. Raymond initially had plans to take Candy along to his company, but there could be change of plans anytime.”

Due to his good friendship with Kate Tsui, Raymond reportedly has invited her to join his new company. Kate initially had agreed to cross over once her contract has expired but recently, she suddenly has a change of mind.

“Raymond and Kate has the same manager, so they are close friends. Raymond has asked her to join him so that they can collaborate as onscreen couple. Kate initially agreed but now has changed her mind to stay at TVB,” said the insider.

“She thinks that her chance of winning the Best Actress award is very high now that many A-listers such as Fala Chen has left and Tavia Yeung and Myolie Wu have also already clinched the award.”

Last week, Kate confirmed that she would be renewing her contract with TVB at a promotional event for her new drama, Sniper Standoff  <神枪狙击>. However, she denied rumours about her plans to cross over to Raymond’s new venture.

Responding on his departure from TVB, Raymond said, “I am not sure yet at this moment. I don’t even know about my future plans. My family is also hoping that I will return to help out the business. I need to discuss with my family first.”

Source: Oriental Sunday 

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  1. Monica wong Reply

    I really hate to see Raymond lam leave tvb he is a really great actor & love his music as well.. I don’t want to see kate tsui leave either but to see her renew her contract was good to hear!! I love tavia, Fala, Nancy wu, Linda chung!! So hope it all works out to where I can continue to see them.