Raymond Lam’s birthday wish is to win TV King award

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Yesterday, Raymond Lam held an autograph session for his newly launched album, Self-Portrait and attracted over a hundred fans to support him.

Besides singing his signature love ballads, Raymond also played games with his fans. When his fans knew that the winner of the game could win a hug from Raymond, all the girls screamed with excitement.

As Raymond’s birthday falls on 8 December, he received a surprise belated birthday celebration.

Raymond exclaimed, “There was a group of people who suddenly dashed out on the stage. They were dancing around me and then pushed out a cake. Although I was shocked but I am really happy!”

Raymond revealed that one of his birthday wishes was to clinch the TV King award. “I enter into TVB for over ten years and every year I am considered the hot favourite. However, I feel very satisfied to be nominated already”.

Earlier, Wayne Lai jokingly said that he would give out supermarket coupons to voters. Asked if he would give out freebies to entice voters, Raymond laughed and said, “Then I will give out the watch and jewellery which I endorse!”

Source: the-sun.on.cc

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