Raymond Wong is recovering well from Behçet’s Disease

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TVB actor, Raymond Wong has to step down from the new drama, Cheung Po Tsai <張保仔>, after being diagnosed with Behçet’s disease.

This rare disease causes inflammation in the blood vessels throughout one’s body, and may cause mouth sores, eye inflammation, skin rashes and lesions. People with Behçet’s disease may develop painful sores on their genitals and may leave scars.

Raymond’s wife, KaKa Mok shared that Raymond is recovering well from his illness. “He is so much better now, and can eat, drink and talk.”

Responding if Raymond’s genital is affected by the disease, KaKa clarified, “He only has throat ulcer and can’t see well.”

Behçet’s disease commonly affects men and women in their 20s to 40s, although it is a rare disease. The common symptom includes eye inflammation, a condition called uveitis . Untreated uveitis can result to decreased vision or even blindness, but a patient can recover from the disease under proper treatment.

Source: HK Channel 

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  1. ESTHER Reply

    Dear Mr. Wong,i have Bechet’s.I’am an RN and veteran.If you need info or advice please contact me.Your not alone beacause I know exactly what your going through.