Robert Mak and Lau Siu Kwan slammed for eating in public after recovering from Covid-19

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Hong Kong veteran artistes, Robert Mak Tak Law and Lau Siu Kwan were earlier diagnosed with Covid-19 and were admitted to hospital for more than 10 days.

Both Robert and Lau have recovered, and met up for a meal a few days ago to celebrate their recovery. They shared their photos and posted on the social media. The duo also shared their experience, and urged netizens to exercise, and also to take note of personal hygiene.

Apparently, their post did not go well with the netizens. Many netizens were strongly against of the duo heading to public areas just days after they were discharged.

One netizen slammed the pair, “Are you serious? For the sake of yourself and others, please rest at home. Are you brainless?”

Another one said, “Are you going out to spread the virus?”

In response to the netizens’ scoldings, Robert said, “We are comforting each other, so we met up for a tea. There is nothing wrong. We have recovered and have the immune system. We won’t transmit the virus. Does that mean that those that recovered are also transmitting the virus? Please be reasonable.”

Lau also responded, “Please understand the situation first! Robert and I have the immune system, and we will not transmit the virus to others. Please be understanding! Today, we are discussing how to strengthen our lung, so that it can recover faster. For our meet-up, I hope everyone can understand. Please forgive us if there is any inconvenience.”


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