‘Rosy Business 3’ axed from TVB anniversary dramas

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TVB’s Bullet Train <神探高伦布> has suffered from a poor viewership and its ratings even dropped to as low as 21 points. Even three-time TV king, Wayne Lai has failed to save the disastrous ratings. Viewers have blasted the drama for its confusing plot and some even asked for TVB to stop airing the drama.

As Bullet Train and Rosy Business 3 <巾帼枭雄之谍血长天> share similar production crew, TVB reportedly decided to axe Rosy Business 3 from its anniversary dramas. Although Rosy Business 1 & 2 has hit success, TVB feared that the third instalment may suffer the same fate as Bullet Train.

Moses Chan and Fala Chen’s Will Power<傳愛事務所> is said to replace Rosy Business 3 as the anniversary drama at end of the year as viewers may find their pair up refreshing.

In order to gain wide acceptance from the viewers, Rosy Business 3 has omitted many rape scenes. Wayne reportedly is very anxious over this drama after his disappointing Bullet Train, and has been following up with the scriptwriter over the plot.

Lead actress, Myolie Wu is stressed with the filming, as she hopes to replicate the success her predecessor, Sheren Tang has brought about in the first two series. Myolie is also disappointed that this drama is axed from the anniversary drama as this diminishes her chance of winning the Best Actress award at the TVB Anniversary Awards.

Rosy Business 3 reportedly will only be aired next year.

Source: Next Magazine Vol. 1211

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  1. vann Reply

    To be safe this series should not take the name “Rosy Business 3” to avoid low rating as Beauty at War because many fans have said they will boycott this series if the female lead is not Sheren Tang. Before airing the BAW fans also said that they will boycott this series because Christine Kuo and the result turn out to be very low rating as we have seen.

    1. Carrie Reply

      Rosy Business 1 & 2 has already hit its peak. We shall see if Myolie and Wayne will be able to create any new sparks for the series.