Roy Chiu and Tia Li caught together

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After the breakup of Roy Chiu and Tiffany Tang, fingers are pointing that Tia Li Yufen is the cause of the couple’s separation.

Roy was accused of two timing after Tia was spotted visiting him at the film set at the beginning of this year. Although Roy and Tia have dismissed their romantic rumours, the couple was caught together in the wee hours recently.

Tia was photographed driving Roy home after a gathering with friends. After boarding the car, the pair took off their masks and Tia drove off to Roy’s apartment. Upon reaching Roy’s place, Tia was visibly shocked when she spotted the paparazzi. She immediately bent her body and hid her face behind the steering wheel. She then quickly drove off and dropped Roy behind to deal with the reporters.

Roy clarified that they were attending a gathering and Tia drove him home because he had drank some wine. He also stressed, “It was just a pure gathering with the drama cast.”

Tia also dismissed the rumours through her manager and said, “All friends will do this!”

In the meantime, Tiffany’s manager has blasted Roy and said, “Even till now, Roy has not mentioned about breaking up. Because of this, Tiffany could not work for two months. If she sees this news, she will be affected and will be unhappy for a long time.”

Netizens are doubtful of Roy and Tia’s statement and questioned why Roy could not take a taxi instead. A netizen wrote, “If her [Tia] conscience is clear, why did she need to hide?”

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