Ruby Lin has a new pursuer: “It’s impossible with Wallace Huo”

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Rumour has it that Ruby Lin is in a four-year relationship with Wallace Huo and has been secretly living together.

Responding to their romantic rumours, Ruby exclaimed, “This is baffling! How can it be true!”

The rumour first surfaced half a year ago after Ruby posted on Weibo a photo with Wallace. She had dismissed the rumour then and was puzzled why the rumour re-surfaced again lately.

Ruby said that the last time she had met Wallace was at her birthday celebration in January this year and has not been contacting him since then.

The 37-year-old, however, shared that she had a new pursuer recently. Although they have not started on their relationship, the pair has been going on romantic dates many times.

At this stage, she still has reservations on progressing further with her pursuer due to her work commitment.

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