Ruby Lin hinted her pregnancy at her wedding?

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Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo tied the knot in Bali on July 31, 2016. Many big stars such as Vivian Hsu, Hu Ge, Zhou Xun, Zhao Wei, Fan Bingbing and Nicky Wu attended their wedding.

Despite only dating for two months, their wedding caught many by surprise and rumours are rife that Ruby is pregnant. According to media reports, Ruby accidentally let slip her pregnancy at her wedding banquet.

During the exchange of the wedding vows, Wallace said to Ruby, “Knowing you for so long, I feel so fortunate to be your friend. Now that we are husband and wife, this is an even more fortunate thing. There will be many challenges ahead. I hope that we will hold our hands and work hard together. I love you!”

A teary Ruby then said, “When you are tired working outside, do not forget that I will forever be at home waiting for you. Forever, I love you!”



Ruby was also spotted with a baby bump when she wore a red cheongsam. At the wedding banquet, there were guests that wish her baby luck soon. Unexpectedly, Ruby immediately replied, “Thank you. There will be a family of three soon.”

Her words were interpreted as hinting her pregnancy.

Yesterday, Ruby and Wallace were at the Bali airport, and they bumped into Vivian Hsu and her husband.

When asked how was her first day of marriage life, she smiled and said that she was very happy. Asked to clarify on her “family of three” statement, she said, “There is no special meaning.”

After Ruby returned to Taiwan, she also happily wrote on her Weibo, “Thank you. Grateful. Every beautiful scene will forever be imprinted in my heart. ”



Source: Ettoday, Apple Daily

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  1. Mei Chan Reply

    Some Other Chinese Asian actresses who choose to wear the expensive traditional Chinese wedding gowns, the ones with amazing embroidery are smarter to do that. Other Chinese girls, the ones who wear more fancy, and traditional Chinese gowns are much SMARTER and that is definitely a WORTHWHILE investment of money. Chinese couples who get married should NOT let the modern white wedding dress STEAL The limelight unfairly. Otherwise, to emphasis some ugly white modern wedding dresses is giving credit to the modern white wedding dress too much. Some modern white dresses are simple and not fancy depending on the Chinese seamstress and how they make it.

  2. Clarissa Tong Reply

    Chinese wedding dresses (red, orange, pink) are often 350 times more beautiful with amazing embroidery. Traditional Chinese gowns for Chinese girls and for guys qui paos look better, are 300 times more beautiful compared vs. the modern white wedding dress which incorporates the long dress (copied from great ancient Chinese gowns for royalty/palace members). I am surprised that the lovely Ruby Lin did NOTchoose to wear a silk cheongsam that is tighter fitting around the hips. She chose or the wedding planner seemed to intentionally make the white wedding dresses look falsely nicer. It because the Chinese seamstress for that wedding added more designs (straps on arms, fancy layered skirt) on the white wedding dress. That is not fair that a simple cheongsam was chosen because cheongsams with Chinese buttons and embroidery are actually a lot fancier than the overrrated modern white wedding dress.

  3. Clarissa Tong Reply

    That is a lovely wedding with Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo who seem great together as a couple. My female friends indicated that I am a very pretty Chinese Asian girl. If I were to get married, I would have liked to have a traditional Chinese tea ceremony as well. For photos, as I am medium tall for a girl, I have a more slender figure in real life than some women who are heavier but appear slimmer depending on how the photo is taken. Ruby is quite tall, medium tall for a female, but the one photo with the nice white dress, maybe that photo was taken wrong in that picture, Ruby she appears so tall.

  4. Clarissa Tong Reply

    I like Ruby Lin with the lovely long silky black hair in her Asian Chinese ancient dramas but the wavy hair she has looks nice at her wedding. Ruby Lin is so beautiful, her figure and her round, oval face and she as a slender figure.

    Some other women, western or foreign have scrawny faces from dieting, are not slender, but use digital alteration using computer software, to appear 14 lbs or 20 lbs falsely slimmer in fake photos.

  5. Alaina Reply

    Ruby Lin is a pretty, beautiful Chinese Asian girl. Ruby looks wonderful with Wallace Huo in the photos.

    Men are supposed to be significantly taller generally than woman and Wallace is taller as a male (that her). Ruby is already quite tall as a female but the photographer did one of the photos differently, She appears excessively tall in the photo with the white dress.

    Other different women, whether taller fatter may not look good compared to another woman who is less tall but medium height which looks better for a girl.

  6. Yingtai Reply

    Congratulations to Ruby Lin for her wedding with Wallace Huo on July 31st! I was anticipating and excited recently (30 days ago) about Ruby Lin gettjng married.

    I am glad that Ruby stayed geographically close to China for her wedding.

  7. Yingtai Reply

    Ruby Lin is such a lovely, beautiful Chinese actress. Although they are different and not not look the same, Ruby reminds me of Bai Bing who is such a beautiful and amazing Chinese actress.

    It is rare for any lovely Chinese actress to look as graceful and as amazing as Bai Bing. Bai Bing has a soft and pleasant demeanor and is really great at doing classical Chinese dancing as well.

  8. Yingtai Reply

    I am happy that Ruby Lin got married (with Wallace Huo) in Bali on July 31, 2016, and held another wedding banquet in Taiwan. I am glad that she stayed in Asia to give credit back to China in a sense because that is where Ruby Lin as a Chinese Asian girl obtained and demonstrated her success.

  9. Yingtai Reply

    Ruby Lin is such a beautiful Chinese Asian girl and such a good Chinese actress. I like that red cheongsam with the gold designs hat Ruby was wearing at her wedding this recent week. Ruby looks really great together with Wallace Huo who is her husband now. Ruby Lin has a more beautiful figure and face than other Asian actresses who may wear that white wedding dress or an amazing red traditional Chinese outfit.