‘Scarlet Heart 2’ preview clip released

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After Chinese Entertainment Shanghai announced a sequel to Scarlet Heart, fans have been anticipating eagerly for its return. Scarlet Heart, also known as Bu Bu Jing Xin <步步惊心> has gained enormous popularity across Asia. The story of a modern woman, who travelled to the ancient era and developed friendship and romances with the princes was a hit among viewers.

A preview clip of Scarlet Heart 2 <步步惊情> is finally released today. The original cast of Cecilia Liu, Nicky Wu, Damian Lau, Annie Liu, Ye Zuxin and Ye Qing remains in the sequel. Although Kevin Cheng, Lin Gengxin and Yuan Hong will not be starring in the drama, there will be a fresh pool of actors like Xuan Yuan Sword 3’s <轩辕剑之天之痕> star Jiang Jingfu, Chen Xiang, Sun Yizhou and Yico Zeng.

While the first series saw Rouxi (Cecilia’s role) departing from fourth prince (Nicky’s role) with her death, the preview clip hinted a reunion of the couple in the sequel. Fourth prince vowed, “Since you can’t come to my world, I will look for you in your world.”

BBJX2The story seems to connect to the first series. After Zhang Xiao (Rouxi’s name in the modern world) wakes up at the hospital, she finds herself back to her modern world.

Like an arrangement by destiny, Zhang Xiao bumps into a man who looks like fourth prince. She later realises that the man, Yin Zheng is the stepson of Kang Zheng Tian, Chairman of Zheng Tian Enterprise.

Zhang Xiao later becomes a designer at Zheng Tian Enterprise and her fate entwines Yin Zheng. Will Zhang Xiao write herself a perfect ending this time?

As the first series left a heartbroken ending between Rouxi and fourth prince, fans have all exclaimed after seeing the preview clip, “Give us a beautiful ending this time!”

Scarlet Heart 2 will wrap up filming by June and is expected to broadcast at year end.

Watch Scarlet Heart 2 preview clip 

Source: Sina, Ettoday 

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  1. Xin huynh Reply

    Where can I buy the novel in English?

  2. Natasha Jean Pierre Reply

    Will this be on ICN TV. network, am not Chinese and i can’t speack or understand the language, but i want to watch the next series.

  3. tncdel Reply

    I liked Scarlet Heart, but I think Nicky Wu was mis-cast to co-star with Cecilia Liu. His musical talent opened up many doors for him as an actor. But, let’s be real, if he hadn’t first become famous as a pop star, he would have never landed this role on sheer acting ability. Further, his looks are too plain to be paired with a girl as cute as Cecilia Liu.

    I think Kevin Cheng should have been cast as the 4th prince, and the 13th prince should have played the role of the 8th prince. And the 14th prince should have played the 13th prince. Nicky Wu’s looks should have relegated him to playing a eunuch.

    I liked the Jade Palace better. Scarlet Heart bogged down in many places. And, not to denigrate Cecilia Liu as an actress, but Ya Ming kept the tempo of Jade Palace going. The scriptwriters of Jade Palace were more adept, and wrapped things up with a happy ending with the prince landing in the 21st century girl’s time.

    1. crystal ching ching Reply

      ROFL. oh well you hate BBJX just because you don’t like Nicky? nvm coz millions of fans love the pairing tho .. and GONG suck

  4. Roddy Reply

    the quote isn’t “since you can’t come to my world, i will look for you in your world”, it’s “if you are one day to leave this place (or this world), then i will go to your world to look for you”

    1. person Reply