‘Scarlet Heart 2’ releases first trailer

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Scarlet Heart 2 <步步驚情> also known as Bu Bu Jing Xin releases its first trailer at a media conference last week.

The trailer first started off with some snap shots from Scarlet Heart 1. It also sparks off audience’s memories of the tragic ending between fourth prince and Rouxi when Nicky Wu said, “If you can’t come to my world, I will look for you in your world.”

Cecilia Liu plays two splitting characters in the sequel – a fashion designer and a model. Both characters have romantic connection to Nicky.

From the palace feud, Scarlet Heart 2 is set within the internal struggle of a prominent family. Damian Lau plays the Chairman of Zheng Tian Enterprise and his three sons, Nicky Wu (stepson), Sun Yizhou and Jiang Jingfu all develop a complicated relationship with Cecilia.

Bears a resemblance to Scarlet Heart 1 where 4th prince, 8th prince and 14th prince all fall in love with Cecilia one by one?

Catch Scarlet Heart 2 trailer here 

Source: Ettoday, Sinapremium 

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