Selina Jen blasted for birthday message to Ham Yu

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Yesterday, S.H.E held a media launch of their new album The flowers bloom again . This is also the group’s first album after Selena Jen’s horrific fire accident two years ago.

Earlier, Selina cried when she shared that everyone had gave her a nickname ‘Flaming Phoenix’ after the incident. At the media conference yesterday, Selina was once again emotional and could not contain her tears.

Knowing that 150 reporters turned up for the media launch, Selina said, “I am really very happy. The album recording took longer than usual, but…” Selina’s eyes were teary and she could not continue speaking.

Selina blasted by Ham Yu’s fans  

Coincidentally, it was Ham Yu’s (俞灝明) birthday yesterday and Selina sent a birthday message on his Weibo. However, her good intention was slammed by Ham’s fans who called her “fake” and “hypocrite”.

Ham was Selina’s co-star in I have a date with Spring (我和春天有个约会) who was also injured in the explosive accident during filming. Ham was said to have shield Selina from the accident. He even suffered painful burns to let her load onto the only stretcher to hospital, and hence it aggravated his own injury.

On his birthday, Ham wrote on his Weibo, “25-year-old, how are you? This is a new beginning I hope we can reborn…”

Shortly after, Selina replied, “We are both Scorpio, hence we are both strong. Happy birthday!”

Selina’s birthday message was doubted by Ham’s fans. One fan wrote, “When you wish him, you will not forget yourself. It is not like Ham who sends you a direct birthday message”. 

Selina’s fans tried to protect their idol and led to a series of heated exchanges between the fans of the two camps.   

Responding to Ham’s fans criticisms on her, Selina said, “I know that his fans are supportive of him. We have the same experiences and understand the process of pain. Hence, we will encourage each other along the way”.


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