Selina Jen in tears speaking on flaming phoenix

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S.H.E reunites again after splitting to launch their solo careers more than two years ago. The Taiwanese girl group celebrated their 11th year anniversary last month.

S.H.E will launch their music album, The flowers bloom again  on 31 October 2012 to coincide with Selina Jen’s 31st birthday. Two years ago, Selina suffered burns on her body during an explosive filming scene.

Speaking that everyone called her flaming phoenix after the accident, Selina could not contain her emotions and broke up in tears.

“Everyone call me flaming phoenix. I specially checked it and found out that it (phoenix) burns into flames after dying. It will then reborn into a new phoenix. The sound of the reborn phoenix will be louder and its wings will be thicker.”

Selina also praised her co-star Ham Yu’s (俞灝明) courage when he returned to the explosive scene. When asked if she would pluck up her courage to return to the accident spot, Selina broke up in tears again.

Hebe Tien and Ella Chen comforted their group member and Ella consoled Selina, “We need to move on.”


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