Selina Jen in tears over ‘uglier look’

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The filming accident which took place three years ago in Shanghai will never be erased from Selina Jen’s memory.

Recently, Selina wrote in a magazine column about her thoughts and feelings during her recovery journey. She revealed that her confidence had plunged after her appearance was affected by the injury.

While surfing for her videos and photos on the web, Selina realised that she had become fatter, uglier and her face was out of shape. She even thought of quitting the showbiz.

Luckily for Selina, she has her husband, Richard Chang who comforted her that “the worst is over”.

Richard also urged Selina not to dwell on the past and said, “What’s lost is lost. Instead of burying in sorrow, why don’t you look forward. Do not waste your time on unnecessary misery. I also miss my six-pack abs in my younger days!”

After her husband’s encouragement, Selina has regained her confidence and ready to join Hebe Tien and Ella Chen in their S.H.E. concert in June at Tapiei.

Source: Apple Daily 

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