Selina on fire video: “I have survived all tribulations”

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On 23 May 2013, Hunan TV released the fire accident video which occurred during the filming of Love in Spring <愛在春天> (formerly known as I Have a Date with Spring 我和春天有個約會), as a publicity tactic for the drama. In that video, Selina’s terrified scream was heard when the explosive accident took place in 2010 at Shanghai.

Selina suffered third degree burns on 54% of her body, mostly on her back and legs after the accident. She had to stop her career to recuperate and only till 2012, she made a comeback to the music scene.

Selina reportedly broke down after watching the released video and kept crying continuously. Her recording label, HIM International has blasted Hunan TV for its promotional stunt and causing “second injury” to Selina. Fans have also reacted strongly to the video and criticised the TV station for “rubbing salt on her injury”.

Selina’s father was heartbroken over his daughter’s emotional trauma and said, “Her injury is even more serious than what everyone thinks. When we can’t change the fact, we can only face it with optimism. Happiness is the best antidote. I know she will move on strongly.”

Selina’s good friend, Mickey Huang Zi Jiao was furious over the exposed video and said, “They deserved to be cursed for their lack of empathy.”

In contrast to the public’s outcry over the fire video, Selina responded calmly and said, “My life has survived all tribulations. I am thankful for all the warmth that I have received.”


Source: Ettoday 

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