Shanghainese woman claimed Terence Cao fathered her child

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A Shanghainese woman Miss Shi claimed that Mediacorp actor Terence Cao (曹国辉) was the father of her 19 month old daughter.

At an interview with Lianhe Zaobao, Miss Shi revealed that she had a one night stand with the Singaporean actor in May 2010 after knowing each other through a party in Shanghai. A month later, Terence allegedly invited her over to Singapore and she claimed that she stayed at the actor’s house for two weeks during her stay in Singapore.

Miss Shi further revealed to the press that Terence had asked her to abort the baby after he knew of her pregnancy in July last year, but changed his mind later.

Although Terence initially denied the baby scandal, he later changed his statement and admitted knowing the Shanghainese woman. According to Lianhe Zaobao, Terence was sighted picking up the mother and daughter to a lawyer’s office. When approached by the reporter to asked for comments, he reportedly turned to Miss Shi and asked, “Are you happy now?”

Terence’s respond

During an interview with, Terence confessed knowing the woman a few years ago and hosted her during her trip to Singapore. He also revealed that he met the woman only three times including her latest trip to Singapore.

Asked if a one night stand took place, Terence replied, “I can’t describe if it’s a one night stand or whatever relationship but I feel (it happened) during our second meeting and it is not considered that we are strangers.”

Speaking if he intended to marry Miss Shi if he were the father of her child, Terence said, “It’s not within my consideration currently. I hope to deal with the matter of the child first.”

Terence also said that he hoped to conduct a DNA test to confirm the identity of the child. It is understood that Miss Shi changed her mind about the DNA test, giving reason that she did not have enough documentation.

When asked if he would take up the responsibility if he was the father of the child, Terence replied, “Of course. I really hope that she (Miss Shi) is willing to go for the DNA test. It will give myself an accountability. If the child were mine, I will bear the responsibility immediately. It’s not bad after all.”

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