Sharon Chan and Raymond Cho Left Out from Nomination; Will Skip TVB Anniversary Awards

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Yesterday, TVB officially announced the list of nominations for the 2012 TVB Anniversary Awards. The nominees’ list had a few surprises. Ben Wong  (黃智賢) who received rave reviews on his villain role in Highs and Lows was not nominated for the Best Supporting Actor category. Not only were the viewers shocked, the actor himself was dumbfounded and furious with the exclusion.

Raymond and Sharon to skip the awards ceremony

Besides Ben, Raymond Cho (曹永廉) and Sharon Chan (陳敏之) are also surprisingly left out from the Best Supporting Actor and Actress category. Both Raymond and Sharon expressed that they would not attend the awards ceremony on  17 December 2012.

Winning the Best Supporting Actress award last year, Sharon is disappointed that she is not being nominated this year.

“It never come across to me that I will not be nominated. I have even booked appointments with the sponsors to try out the jewellery, gowns and hairdo, but now I will not be attending the awards ceremony. I thought that I would be nominated and will just cheer for my friends on that day. Maybe  I do not have enough screen time. I will work even harder and do my job well,” said Sharon.

Raymond who played an eunuch in The Confidant received positive feedback from the viewers on his performance. However, he was omitted from the nominees list.

Raymond said, “I am so disappointed. I never thought of winning the award but it can’t be helped now that I am not even in the top 10. Even Ben can’t even make it through, so what more can I say?”

Raymond also said that The Confidant only started airing and that the nominees announcement was too soon. Asked if he would be attending the awards, Raymond said, “I will not! I am not even sure if they will invite me. Even if they invite me, I will not attend too!”

Subsequently, Raymond left a message on Ben’s Weibo and wrote, “Brother, some words are best not to be spoken. Let’s work harder together! Let’s go for a meal together on the day of the awards ceremony”.

Are the nominations according to public wishes?

Although this year, TVB emphasises that the awards’ winners will be according to public wishes, but many viewers are not happy with the nominees list.

Adam Cheng (鄭少秋) who wowed viewers with his performance in Master of Play is also dropped off the Best Leading Actor nomination. At an online poll, Adam is even selected as the ‘Ultimate Best Actor’ in 2012 by netizens. His exclusion in the nomination is discussed actively on the forum and many netizens felt unjust for the veteran actor to be left out.

Other netizens also expressed their disappointment that veteran actors Kent Cheng (鄭則士) and Michael Miu (苗僑偉) were not being nominated too.

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