Sharon Chan gives birth to a boy!

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Earlier, Sharon Chan announced that she would give birth via Cesarean section in mid December. Yesterday, there was news that the 37-year-old TVB actress had given birth to a boy!

Sharon also shared the happy news on her social media, “Hello uncles and aunties, I have arrived! I weigh 7 pounds and 11 ounces, and have a pair of large feet! It’s been hard on my mummy!”

Sharon also accepted an interview and shared that she was a bit nervous during her childbirth. After hearing her baby’s cries, she was so touched and broke into tears. Her husband also accompanied by her side during her childbirth, and he was busy taking photos.

Asked who the baby resembled, Sharon said, “I always thought that he looks like my husband, but now I feel he looks like his grandmother. He also looks very mature. I will also try to breastfeed him after he is okay.”




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