Shawn Yue accepts Ivy Chen’s love declaration

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Hong Kong star Shawn Yue was rumoured with Taiwanese actress, Ivy Chen after collaborating on a movie and interacting closely on Weibo. Many fans have also urged the two of them to be together.

While attending an event recently, Ivy openly praised her co-star, and even declared, “He [Shawn] is my cup of tea!”

Shawn, who was in Taiwan yesterday to attend a sports apparel event, did not dodge the questions about his rumours with Ivy.

When asked about Ivy’s love declaration, Shawn said happily, “Is that true? She really has great taste!”

However, Shawn expressed that they are only friends. “If there is anything going between us, do you think we would be so open about it?”

Source: Yes Entertainment, Ettoday 

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