Shirley Yeung damages her cornea after wearing contact lens for more than 20 hours

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Hong Kong actress, Shirley Yeung attended an event yesterday, and drew attention after appearing with an eye-patch on her left eye.

During an interview, Shirley explained that it was because of prolonged contact lens use that lead to corneal damage.

“I wore my contact lens too long. There was a day where I wore for more than 20 hours. My eye was very dry and resulted in a tear. I have not encountered such serious infection. I had infection before, but this time, I couldn’t even move my eyeball. It was like a knife piercing through my eye.”

Shirley said that she had to work for long hours, and hence she could not remove her lens. When the infection occurred, she was tearing continuously. When she tried removing her lens at home, her eye hurt so much that she had to go to a hospital.

Shirley revealed that she would halt work for two weeks, as she was not able to wear any lens and put on makeup for the time being.

Asked if she would consider Lasik to correct her vision, Shirley said, “My mum has strongly recommended me to go for it, but I was worried about the risk. I may consider now.”

Source: HK Channel

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