Show Luo and Ruby Lin find their romantic rumours ridiculous

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Taiwanese tabloids have shockingly reported that 34-year-old Show Luo and 38-year-old Ruby Lin are dating! As they are the most unexpected couple, many fans expressed disbelief and shock when the news surfaced.

Show is said to have drove his black Ferrari car to Ruby’s apartment building a day before her birthday. A week later, Show reportedly drove a white car into Ruby’s apartment to avoid suspicions. The duo is also spotted to wear the same gold bracelet, believing to be a pair of lovers’ bracelet.

A source said, “Show is very serious about Ruby. We have never seen him being so cautious about a relationship.”

Show and Ruby’s manager have dismissed their rumours and stressed that they are not close.

Meanwhile, the rumoured couple finds their rumours absurd and funny. Ruby, who has just returned from her vacation in Hawaii said, “I have been receiving congratulatory phone calls the whole day, but we are really not together!”

She added, “He is not looking for me! It’s a mistake.”

Show also denied his relationship with Ruby humorously on Weibo, “Do not just matchmade us randomly. What Show-Ruby romance? Do you want to match bee hoon soup?”

Seeing his comical post, Ruby also chipped in, “Boss, how much is one bowl?”


Source: Ettoday, Apple Daily 

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