Show Luo and Sister Butterfly caught on a date again!

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Show Luo and Linda Jian (better known as Sister Butterfly / Hu Die Jie Jie) have been secretly dating for a year?

Paparazzi caught Show picking up Linda on 22 September 2013, which happened to be her birthday too. The pair headed off to a restaurant for a dinner and Show even booked a private room to celebrate her 30th birthday celebration. The couple reportedly had close interaction during their private date and Show was even said to be gazing gently at Linda from time to time.

After the meal, Show and Linda walked out and calmly acknowledged the reporters. Show admitted a birthday celebration for Linda and said, “This is my first celebration with her. Happy Birthday Linda!”

When asked to comment about fans’ support for them to be an item, Show replied, “Hum…… Thank you to these fans!”

Linda reportedly is very well liked by Show’s mother among all his girlfriends. Linda is the only one whose Weibo account is followed by Show’s mother. During Show’s concert, his mother was seen walking towards Linda and gave her a hug.

Show initially treated Linda like a younger sister, but their relationship started to blossom last year. The couple is said to keep their relationship under wraps as Linda had signed a contract clause with her company not to date her working partner, otherwise she could lose her job or be fined NT$5 million.

This is not the first time in which the duo has been caught together. Last year, they reportedly went on a vacation together in Thailand. This year, Show and Linda also happened to be in Korea at the same time.

Responding on their recent date, Show’s manager said, “It’s really impossible between them. Show only treats her as a sister.”

Linda’s manager also expressed that it was common for colleagues to dine together on a birthday.


Source: Nownews, Yes Entertainment 

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