Show Luo jibes at Anthony Wong in concert?

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Show Luo held a series of 4 concerts in Hong Kong starting from 18 January 2013.  Titled ‘Show 2013 World Live Tour – Over the Limit’, the concert’s theme was on leopard and the stage design and backdrop was decorated with leopard prints and leopard props.

Last year, Anthony Wong angered Show’s fans when he said that he had not heard of Show. The Hong Kong veteran actor further infuriated the fans when he used the analogy of “Flies and dung” to describe Show’s fans. At his first concert on Friday night, Show appeared to jibe at Anthony when he asked his fans, “Do you know my name?”

Show’s fans screamed and said, “Show Luo!”

The Taiwanese pop star replied, “I am glad you all know!” Show also asked his fans several times during the three-hour concert, “What is my name?”

For the first night, Jimmy Lin made a guest appearance at his concert. The duo performed and danced together Jimmy’s hit track, Not every love song has a fond memory <不是每个恋曲都有美好回忆>. Show also joked that he loved to imitate Jimmy’s dance steps when he first entered into the showbiz and never expected that he would become friends with him.

Jimmy said that his last concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum was 20 years ago. With that, Show replied humorously, “I was not born yet!”


Show’s second night invited Alex To as a guest performer. The 50-year-old singer never failed to impress the audiences with his sleek dance moves when he and Show performed, Take Off <脫掉>.  Alex then challenged Show to remove his shirt. Suddenly, Alex pulled up his shirt and displayed the words on his muscles, “I LOVE SHOW”.

Besides performing his signature dance tracks, Show tried to greet his Hong Kong fans with Cantonese. He also interacted with his fans and mingled with them. All the fans uncontrollably ran towards him and snapped pictures. Some even hugged and kissed him on his face!

Anthony Wong jibes back at Show  

When asked about what he thought of Show’s remarks in the concert, Anthony replied, “Show Luo? Oh! Show Luo… I thought he is the one who talks on finance”.

Regarding Show’s questioning his fans on his name, Anthony gave another analogy again. “What has his action got to do with me? But, now that you ask, I suddenly think of a line in my theatre show. At a silent and starry night, you doubt your existence and ask yourself, ‘Who am I?’ ‘You are a fool!’

Did you add in the last line?

“When you asked me, I suddenly remembered this line,” said Anthony.

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