Show Luo’s hairdo slammed by G-Dragon’s fans

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Releasing his new album, Lion’s Roar <獅子吼> soon, Show Luo’s latest hairdo is slammed by G-Dragon’s fans.

To match the lion theme of his new album, Show has coloured his hair gold. However, netizens have criticised that Show had copied the hairstyle of K-pop star, G-Dragon, and even pointed that his hair was coloured the same way like G-Dragon. Even his expression and pose in his cover album resembled that of G-Dragon.

Responding on the criticisms, Show wrote on his Facebook, “Fashion is like a cycle! I have coloured my hair gold 10 years ago. Now that I coloured again, I was slammed for being a copycat! This is really funny! I can only say that I copied myself!”

The Taiwanese singer also wrote helplessly, “Chinese dancing singers are really pathetic!”

Show’s manager also remarked angrily, “He coloured his hair gold to suit his Lion’s Roar album. Have you guys seen a purple lion? Besides, they have different colours. Please support our Chinese singers!”

Source: Ettoday 

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