Shu Qi is a lucky girl! Hugh Jackman celebrates her birthday!

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38-year-old Taiwanese star, Shu Qi filmed a car commercial with Hugh Jackman, and even shared an onscreen kiss with him.

Shu Qi flew to Los Angeles last month to film the commercial, which was directed by Transporter 3 director Olivier Megaton. Upon knowing that it was Shu Qi’s birthday that day, Hugh Jackman specifically researched from the internet a restaurant and asked the crew to take her there.

Hugh was said to be friendly and had no airs on the filmset. The X-Men star even posed for a selfie with Shu Qi during their break time.

At the launch of the Toyota’s Levin at Guangzhou yesterday , Shu Qi said that she was excited to see her commercial with Hugh. Although Hugh was absent at the launch, he is expected to join Shu Qi at another event in July.



Meanwhile, Shu Qi also posted on her micro-blog yesterday, “2014520. On this special day, pluck up your courage and profess your love! Love you forever. I love you.”

Although many netizens thought that she was professing her love for rumoured boyfriend, Stephen Fung, a close friend of Shu Qi said that she was actually waiting for someone to profess.

Source: Apple Daily 

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