Song Hye-kyo calls Huang Xiaoming “Oppa”

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Yesterday, Song Hye-kyo and Huang Xiaoming were promoting for their latest film, The Crossing <太平輪> in Taiwan yesterday.

Xiaoming plays a military officer who falls in love with a rich girl, played by Hye-kyo. Hye-kyo said that it was initially awkward to act with Xiaoming as their first scene was a kissing scene.

The Korean actress said, “We were told to film kissing scene at the beginning. It was quite embarrassing, but we established our emotions gradually. We did not have to spend time to develop our feelings.”

Hye-kyo said that she did not believe in love at first sight. When asked how she acted out her panicky feelings towards Xiaoming whom she had a crush on in the film, Hye-kyo said, “Because Oppa is just here, so it becomes very natural!”

Xiaoming also shared that they had good chemistry in the film. “Hye-kyo’s most unique trait is that she makes people around her comfortable. She will also make others feel that they need to give her a sense of security.”

In the film, the married couple Hye-kyo and Xiaoming have to be separated because of a war. Hye-kyo said, “If it were me, I will never leave. I will want to be with him even if I have to die!”

Earlier, Xiaoming said that he would get married with Angelababy next year. Hye-kyo immediately congratulated him.

When asked when it was her turn, Hye-kyo said, “I don’t know.”

Source: Apple Daily 

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