Sonia Siu on ex-boyfriend’s romance: “It has nothing to do with me anymore”

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After ex-boyfriend Yao Yuan Hao acknowledged his romance with Cyndi Wang, there were reports that Sonia Siu was heartbroken and went uncontactable after returning to Taiwan. Yesterday, Sonia Siu finally made a public appearance at the parliament house to advocate for the animal protection groups.

Her appearance had no doubt caused a commotion in which all the reporters were trying to hear her out on her ex-boyfriend’s romance. The 32-year-old actress was composed and spoke tactfully when asked how she felt about the news.

“There are so many other matters that need more attention. How I feel is really not that important,” said Sonia.

When grilled further on Yuan Hao and Cyndi’s reconciliation, Sonia replied, “It has nothing to do with me anymore”.

Sonia initially wanted to stay and show her support for the animal protection groups, but decided to leave shortly after bombarded with questions on Yuan Hao and Cyndi. Before boarding on a cab, Sonia let off a cough when asked if she kept in touch with Yuan Hao.

On the other hand, Yuan Hao’s manager responded, “They (Yuan Hao and Sonia) do not contact anymore. We will not respond to unrelated questions”.


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