Sparks re-ignited for Nicholas and Faye?

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Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong had dated for two years, until Cecilia Cheung intervened in their relationship. Now that both have resumed their single status, the ex-couple reportedly have secretly reconciled.

In an interview in 2012, Nicholas openly admitted that he loved Faye Wong the most. When being asked recently if he hoped to reconcile with his ex-lover, Nicholas answered readily, “Yes, yes, yes!”

After separation from Li Yapeng, Faye reportedly has bought a HK$30 million property in Hong Kong and plans to reside there. Recently, she has also expressed her concern to Nicholas via his Weibo after he sustained an eye injury during a variety programme.

Unlike their low-profile personalities, Nicholas and Faye’s open messages for each other have led to speculations if the couple has re-ignited sparks for each other.

Meanwhile, reports also said that Cecilia had been taking her two sons, Lucas and Quintus on many holidays and even pulled her son out from schools. Lucas’ school has issued a final warning letter to get him back to school, otherwise his place will be forfeited.

Recently, Cecilia was spotted in Singapore with a Caucasian man and her two sons. The man named, Leo is believed to be her new lover. The couple was also photographed to be shopping for furniture, leading to rumours if the Hong Kong actress is planning to reside in Singapore.


Nicholas is said to have displayed respect and tolerant towards Cecilia after their divorce. He initially intended to sell their joint property of a HK$160 million detached house. However, as Cecilia has not moved away her personal belongings, he rather leaves the house vacant.

His attitude towards Cecilia reportedly has changed after she pulled their sons out from school. When asked about the delay of his son’s school enrollment, a dissatisfied Nicholas replied, “I will not care about others. I am dealing with it right now.”

Source: 21CN 

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