Stanley Huang and Xu Jinglei are cohibiting?

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Stanley Huang and Xu Jinglei reportedly are cohabiting after the latter was spotted at Stanley’s apartment in Taiwan.

Stanley and Jinglei are rumoured to be in a relationship after collaborating in Go Lala Go! <杜拉拉升職記> in 2009. Two years ago, Jinglei admitted her romance with Stanley and wedding rumours of the couple have been circulating. Although Stanley dismissed his wedding rumours with Jinglei last week at Hangzhou, the Chinese actress was spotted appearing at the apartment building of Stanley.

Yesterday, a masked Jingei was spotted walking out from the apartment building and got onto a taxi. After reaching the airport, she adjusted her mask before collecting her boarding pass at the counter. Despite wearing a mask, the paparazzi managed to take a peek at her name on the passport which was printed as”Xu Jinglei”.

Jinglei’s manager said that she had returned to Shanghai and said, “She took a long break a while ago. We did not ask about her personal matters.”

When asked if Jinglei’s trip to Taiwan was to visit Stanley, her manager replied, “I am not sure.”

Source: Apple Daily 

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