Stefanie Sun motivated to learn Mandarin well after Jacky Wu scolded her “stupid”

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Stefanie Sun penned an essay in Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s book, My Lifelong Challenge: Singapore’s Bilingual Journey. The book recounts Mr Lee’s lifelong quest to learn Mandarin and to implement the bilingual education policy in Singapore.

Stefanie who is the only Singaporean celebrity to write a message in the book, recalled her struggles when she first entered the Taiwanese music industry.

Being more fluent in English, Stefanie had tough times conversing in Mandarin in her daily life, be it from taking the public transport or buying groceries at the supermarket. She struggled to express herself in full sentences, when she spoke Mandarin with the Taiwanese.

Her biggest setback was when she filmed a variety programme Jacky Go Go Go <周日八点党>, hosted by Jacky Wu. When Jacky asked her some questions, she could not understand and causally replied him.

Jacky immediately snapped at Stefanie and said, “Why are the newcomers so stupid nowadays?”

Stefanie described Jacky’s statement as a “tight slap” on her face that “pierced through her heart”.

Since then Stefanie has been very motivated to brush up her Mandarin, and now she has mastered the language well.

Source: Nownews

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