Stefanie Sun shocked by her wax figure

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Stefanie Sun was shocked when she saw a wax figure of herself at the Madame Tussauds Singapore wax museum, which opens on 25 October.

After seeing her wax figure, Stefanie could not believe what she saw and even screamed, “I never expect it to look so much like me. It frightens me!”

“The eyes are the most realistic. I don’t even dare to get close her. I like her smile. It’s perfect.”

Stefanie said that the waxfigure creation team had flown to Shanghai in April to take her body measurements, and everything from the size of her eyeballs, nose and even her teeth had to be precise.

Stefanie’s wax figure holds up a microphone and listens to the audience response.

Stefanie said, “This represents that I am listening to my voice and the audience voice on stage. It’s a very important moment.”


Source: Apple Daily 

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