Stephen Fung admits romance with Shu Qi?

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Earlier, rumours were circling that Stephen Fung had secretly tied the knot with Shu Qi in overseas. Stephen denied the wedding rumours but dodged the question if he was dating Shu Qi. Are Stephen and Shu Qi an item?

“I am not married yet. If I were to get married one day, I will also not hold a spectacular wedding to share with the public,” said Stephen.

Asked if he was dating Shu Qi, Stephen said, ”I always do not discuss about my private matters. (So you are subtly admitting your relationship?) Haha… Anyway, it is still like that.”

Are you still meeting Shu Qi?

Stephen replied, “Good friends will always meet up.”

Stephen did not forget to praise Shu Qi for her performance in Journey to the West <西游。降魔篇>. Responding on rumours that Stephen Chow had a liking for Shu Qi, Stephen said, “Many people like her. I am from the movie industry and know very well that it is only a publicity.”

Source: Sina 

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