Stephen Fung spends 19 hours at Shu Qi’s apartment?

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Hong Kong media suggested that Shu Qi and Stephen Fung are back together after the latter’s jeep was spotted at Shu Qi’s apartment in Hong Kong on the first day of lunar new year.

Stephen reportedly spent 19 hours at Shu Qi’s house. The next day, Stephen was seen driving Shu Qi and her helper out for shopping. Afraid that she would be recognised, Shu Qi lowered her cap and sat at the passenger seat.

In less than 10 minutes after she returned to her house, Stephen drove his car back. He allegedly spent the night at her house.

During the Chinese new year, Shu Qi was said to have taken Stephen to visit her manager. The couple separately posted photos with their manager online, and unintentionally revealed that they had spent the new year together.

Shu Qi and Stephen was romantically rumoured since 1997. The couple has experienced numerous times of breakups and reconciliation. After going through so much, both have known each other well.

Knowing that Shu Qi is a homely girl, Stephen spent most of the time with her at home. When Shu Qi is away, Stephen will also help to look after her beloved cat.

A source said, “Shu Qi and Stephen are not living together, but Stephen often spends the night at her house.”

Responding to her rumours with Stephen, Shu Qi replied coldly, “I won’t comment. After explaining so many years, I am tired. I am not going to talk about it anymore!”

Source: HK Channel, Apple Daily 

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