Takeshi Kaneshiro’s birthday bash mistaken as his wedding

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A birthday bash has been mistaken as his wedding banquet for Takeshi Kaneshiro!

Takeshi, whose birthday falls on 11 October, splashed millions of dollars and sponsored 30 friends and relatives to Como in Italy which is also a popular wedding venues for couples. Many invited guests were surprised by his sudden invitation and thought that they were going to attend his secret wedding. Some even had prepared his wedding gifts prior to their departures to Como.

It turned out that Takeshi was actually throwing a birthday party for his 40th birthday. Guests revealed that Takeshi was mesmerized by the beautiful sceneries in Como while attending a fashion show in 2012 and hence invited his relatives and friends to visit the place.

Takeshi’s manager has declined to respond if the Italy trip is true. However, sources revealed that Hong Kong Director, Peter Chen was one of the invited guests.

Source: Ettoday  

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