Tavia Yeung and Him Law are getting married?

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After Him Law implied that Tavia Yeung was “the most important thing in his life” at the Astro Awards, their relationship has finally come to light. Fans are also rooting for the couple.

Tabloids claimed that Him and Tavia were intending to blossom their 6-month relationship into the next stage. Last month, Him reportedly approached a geomancer to pick an auspicious date for their wedding. Him allegedly sought the geomancer’s advice with three dates and apparently, the geomancer picked their wedding date to be in September.

The geomancer also said that Tavia would bring luck to Him and whoever sticks with her will have good fortune in his life.

However, Tavia dismissed the wedding rumours today and said, “He (Him) is not gossipy at all and will not believe in any geomancer. He only thought of marrying his mother when he was young. We will only focus on our work currently”.

Source: ihktv

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