Tavia Yeung says Him Law is trustworthy

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Recently, tabloids claimed that Tavia Yeung had been keeping tabs on Him Law on the film set of The Hippocratic Crush 2 <On Call 36小時II> as he was rumoured to be hooking up secretly with Eliza Sam. Dispelling all rumours, Tavia said of her boyfriend, “He is someone whom I can trust very much!”

Yesterday, Tavia and Kenneth Ma were filming for a wedding scene for The Hippocratic Crush 2. Ironically, Him played their groomsman in the drama. The couple even graciously posed a picture for the reporters.

Shrugging off the rumours with Eliza, Him said that he had no contact with her apart from filming. Him said, “The report was not true. We are used to such rumours and will not be affected.”

Asked why did Tavia appear at the filming that day, Him said, “Actually, she had to film some scenes that day. (Did Tavia keep tabs on you when she was not filming?) No! Such reports will not affect my collaboration with Eliza. As artistes, we need to accept such rumours.”


Him also said that Tavia was a gracious woman and she would not get jealous over such rumours.

Tavia laughed at the reports and pointed out that the published photos were all part of the scenes in the drama. She also said that she was personally pretty close to Eliza.

“The report was so ridiculous. We all know that the tabloids have nothing to write lately. However, the words ‘Catching Adultery’ are not appropriate,” said Tavia.

When asked if she had absolute trust in Him, Tavia replied, “We are getting along well. He is someone whom I can trust very much, and so is Eliza too. They said that Him had a liking for Eliza? I also have a liking for Eliza!”

Kenneth also poked fun of the report and said, “It seems that Him is keeping an eye on me and Tavia instead!”

Source: Singtao 

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  1. leslie Reply

    Him’s probably just hooking up with Tavia to ride on her coattails, they’re just so incompatible in looks and age.

    1. Lololol Reply

      If love is only about how “compatible” a couple looks and how close their age gap is, then goodluck to the couples in growing old together and sticking by to each other till death do they part. Seriously, as long as they’re happy, who gives a crap out age differences or how “good” they look together externally..everyone’s going to age and mature in appearance eventually, in the end it’d just be down to how compatible they are in personality, communication and understanding.