They dated? Cecilia Liu and Ming Dao had a secret romance?

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Cecilia Liu and Nicky Wu’s romance has become a hot topic after the power couple admitted that they are dating.

Recently, rumours are swirling that Cecilia had dated Taiwanese actor, Ming Dao prior to her relationship with Nicky. Sounds unbelievable?

A source said that Cecilia and Ming Dao had fallen in love after filming the idol drama, An Angel’s Happiness <天使的幸福> in 2011. A fan managed to snap a photo of the couple quarreling at the filmset. Cecilia was seen storming off after an argument, with Ming Dao following her and trying to pacify her with an ice cream.

Eagle-eyed netizens also pointed that on the midnight of Ming Dao’s birthday in February 2012, Cecilia was the first to send in her birthday greetings on Weibo at 12.01 am.

The couple reportedly dated for 1.5 years and broke off in June 2013.

In an interview, Cecilia disclosed that her last relationship lasted for almost two years. Many suspected that she was referring to her relationship with Ming Dao.

Source: Yes Entertainment 

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