Tia Li admits progressing well with Kai Ko

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Kai Ko and Tia Li are caught on numerous dates together. Although the couple has yet to acknowledge their relationship, Kia hinted earlier that he “would not rule out the possibility of them developing further.” 

At the talk show Kangxi Lai Le <康熙来了>, Tia was probed about her relationship with Kai by the two hosts, Dee Hsu and Kevin Tsai who are renowned for their sharp tongues.

When asked about Kai, Tia clarified that they were often photographed by reporters during their outings with friends.

“We do not want to intentionally dodge the media and disrupt our lives,” said Tia.

After hearing her reply, Dee and Kevin exclaimed, “You are so brave to pursue your love!”

Asked if they were progressing well, Tia said, “We are doing well. It’s quite well.”

Tia immediately added, “Friends…. We are friends that get along well.”

During the interview, Tia blushed many times when being interrogated on her relationship with Kai. Tia said that they had common friends and could chat with Kai on many topics including food, drinks, work and future.

Dee and Kevin were shocked when they heard the word “future” and teased Tia if they were discussing on their wedding. Tia added, “We are good friends.”

However Kai’s manager has since dismissed their relationship saying, “They are just good friends. I watched that episode. Tia only replied they were good friends. She was being grilled and was left speechless. She had no choice but to smile, so it was being misinterpreted that she silently admitted [their relationship].”

Source: Ettoday, Apple Daily

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