Tia Li indirectly admits relationship with Show Luo

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Show Luo and Ruby Lin were rumoured to be dating after Show was spotted twice visiting her apartment building. It was said that after the rumours surfaced, Show’s rumoured girlfriend, Tia Li was so upset that she cancelled her working schedule and extended her stay in Korea.

Show and Tia have been rumoured together after collaborating in a commercial in 2008. The pair was spotted to have the same outfits, necklaces and even the same shoes. The couple reportedly has broken up once, and rekindled their love shortly after. They were then reported to have travelled together to Korea and Shanghai.

Taiwanese tabloids claimed that Tia Li was upset after Show and Ruby’s rumours surfaced. After she returned from Korea, she was so distracted that she accidentally gave away that she was the woman who had been caught on date with Show.

Last year, Tia who wore a grey dress was caught on a date with Show. After she saw the paparazzi, she immediately retreated to the passenger seat and curled up her body to hide her face.

When asked if she was still wearing the grey dress, Tia said, “That was a summer outfit.”

Realising that she spoke the wrong words, she corrected her words and said, “I do not have that dress by that girl. I saw that photo before, she is a woman with long hair. That is not me.”

However, the photo could not reveal clearly if the woman had long or short hair. Tia also stressed that she had not kept in touch with Show for a while.

Asked to comment on Show-Ruby relationship, Tia said coldly, “I have no feelings.”

Source: Nownews 

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