Tien Hsin asks her husband if he is gay on their first date

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Taiwanese actress Tien Hsin shocked the world when she suddenly announced her marriage with Korean photographer, Kim Yeong Min.

Yesterday, Tien Hsin made her first public appearance after she got married. The newly-wed beamed with joy when she talked about her husband. She shared that she had thought of marrying her husband after knowing him for a month. They communicated by using English and body language, and she was drawn to his attentiveness and enthusiasm.

Tien Hsin also recounted their courtship process. She got to meet Kim while she was filming in China in April. After the filming wrapped, Kim’s assistant handed her a handwritten letter from Kim. Back in the hotel room, she quickly glanced through the letter and went for a bath. She only remembered the letter said, “Nice to meet you” and ended with “Can we contact through Facebook?”

She agreed and threw away the letter after that.

After returning to Taiwan, she received a message from Kim who said that he was coming to Taiwan for a holiday. So, she hosted him for a meal when he was in Taiwan, but she realised that he was shy and did not speak much during the 1 hour meal.

She then asked him, “Are you gay?” She did not expect him to respond with a “yes”. Hence, she immediately called her gay friends to bring him around to experience the night life in Taipei.


The next day, Tien Hsin sent him a text message and asked him about his trip in Taiwan. He then sent her a photo of a lot he had drawn in a temple. After Tien Hsin finished reading, she asked, “This is a good lot. Are you asking about work?” Kim replied, “Love!”

Tien Hsin said, “Congrats!” Kim replied, “You!”

Tien Hsin initially thought that he was being sweet, and wished to pass her the good luck too. Kim then sent her another message, “You and me.”

She then realised that he was professing his love to her. Tien Hsin also recalled their first date, when she asked if he was gay. She said that he could have heard. “Are you okay” and so, responded “yes”.

Tien Hsin said that before her husband proposed to her, it was his attentiveness and concern that made her want to marry him.

Besides talking about her marriage, she is also very concern about the same sex marriage issue in Taiwan.

“The things we felt are difficult is even more difficult for our gay friends. Hence, I hope that there will be marital equality, and everyone can enjoy the protection and happiness that arise from marriage.”

Source: Ettoday

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