Tony Leung complains about filming ‘The Grandmasters’

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Highly anticipated Ip Man film The Grandmasters <一代宗師> is hitting the theatres this week in Hong Kong and China. Renowned for being a perfectionist, Director Wong Kar Wai’s took 3 years to shoot the film.

Tony finds the filming unbearable 

At a recent press conference, Tony Leung shared his filming woes and sacrifices for the film. To portray the legendary character Ip Man well, Tony used 3 years to master Wing Chun.

The 50-year-old superstar said, “I started to train Wing Chun when I was 47. I broke my hands twice and I had to recuperate for months because of this. My efforts before that were all gone. Isn’t it painful for me?”

The long hours of shooting had also taken its toll on Tony. “After filming for 30 endless nights, I told Director Wong Kar Wai that I could not bear it anymore. Director said yes yes yes and that was all. In the end, we filmed for another week. After filming, I thought that I had pneumonia but it turned out that I suffered from tracheitis and had to rest on bed for 5 days”.

“I had been filming throughout the night for half a year. After shooting, we need to discuss the details. I slept at midnight and woke up at 4 or 5 am next day. Before the sunrise, I had to go jogging. Carina Lau often called me and asked where I was. That period of time was very tiring!”

After completing the filming, Tony did not rejoice at all as he was aware that the perfectionist Director Wong would recall him back to re-shoot. In addition, he knew that he needed to be involve in the voice dubbing and the publicity too. When told that Donnie Yen’s Ip Man 3 was launching soon and The Grandmasters was teased for its long filming, Tony replied, “You need to wait even if u order fried chicken! The two movies are different. The reason why we took so long is because we need time to achieve. There is nothing to compare”.

Tony also said that he would take a long break and would not take any movie temporarily.

Ziyi felt “cheated” 

Likewise for Zhang Ziyi, the long hours of filming had also affected her health so much so that she would not take any martial arts film anymore. She also joked that she felt cheated and it was like boarding a “pirate’s ship”.

“I used three years to train the martial arts and spent time with my character. I could feel the ups and downs of the character,” said Ziyi.

Watch The Grandmasters trailer 

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