Tony Leung Ka-Fai withdraws from TVB drama

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Due to an injury during filming, Tony Leung Ka-Fai has officially withdrawn from TVB drama.

To boost its ratings, TVB has earlier invited Tony to star in its police thriller drama and will cast Michael Miu, Raymond Lam and Charmaine Sheh alongside with him. The big names have created a buzz and a lot of anticipation from the viewers.

Unfortunately, the four-time Hong Kong Film Award winning actor has pulled out from the drama after sustaining broken ribs during a filming for Li Chi Ngai’s movie in Prague.

Currently in Hong Kong for recuperation, Tony urged the reporter not to blow up the news on his injury for fear that it would frighten his parents. Tony said that it was common to get injured during filming and that he had recovered a month ago.

As he has “filming debts” to return after his recuperation, he has no choice but to withdraw from the TVB drama.

The 55-year-old said, “It’s a pity. I have discussed the script with the producer, scriptwriter, Michael Miu and Eric Tsang. We are already at the last stage. I really want to collaborate with Michael. It’s regrettable that I am not able to film this drama.”

Asked when he could work with TVB again, Tony said, “I have to decide after my schedule is finalised next year.”

Being a key maker inviting Tony back to TVB, Eric Tsang was not aware of his withdrawal. He said, “I am only responsible for linking them up. I am not a producer. Tony has said that he would like to participate in a play and a drama next year.”

TVB Producer, Tommy Leung has confirmed the withdrawal of Tony and said that they are looking for a suitable replacement now.

Charmaine expressed that she was all along not aware of the lead actor.

“I agreed to return and film a drama in January, but there is no confirmation about the cast. Whoever has been included or withdraw is not anything special. I will still film the drama no matter who the lead actor is,” said Charmaine.

Source: HK Channel

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