Tony Leung’s ‘The Grandmasters’ trailer exposed

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Director Wong Kar Wai’s (王家卫) painstaking film project, The Grandmasters  is finally releasing in theatres during the Christmas season.

The massive film took 10 years to prepare when it was first conceptualised in 2002. Playing the famed martial artist Ip Man, Tony Leung (梁朝伟) took two years to train Wing Chun in order to experience the martial arts and present the best effects to the film.

The trailer of The Grandmasters is exposed recently, and many artistes and fans have lauded the film. The less than 3-minute trailer features the love triangle between Tony, Zhang Ziyi (章子怡) and Song Hye Kyo (宋慧乔).

Korean star, Song Hye Kyo plays Ip Man’s wife and Ziyi plays the head of Baguazhang. Although not featured in the trailer, Chilam Cheung (張智霖) is said to play a mysterious role and will have a romantic line with Ziyi.

The story begins when Master of Baguazhang decides to retire and recommends Chang Chen (張震) to take up the post of the new Master. Chang Chen is then challenged by the respective martial arts clans. Ziyi is not convinced by Chang Chen’s capability and decides to challenge for the new Master post.

Another story line centres on Tony who brings his wife to the Northeast. As there are rumours that Ip Man is the most skillful martial artist, many clans has started to challenge the man. Ziyi also develops a friendship with Tony through the process and later on starts to have feelings for him After Tony decides to return to Foshan, Ziyi challenges Tony to a one-on-one duel in the snow.

The Grandmasters is set to release in theatres on 27 December 2012 in Hong Kong.

Watch The Grandmasters trailer here


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