Touching moment at Chilam Cheung’s concert; Anita Yuen: “I did not marry the wrong guy”

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The hype at Chilam Cheung’s second day concert was when he invited his wife, Anita Yuen on stage.

When Anita went up the stage, she immediately apologised to Chilam. She recalled that as she had to travel to Qingdao for a filming, Chilam had to take the dual tasks of rehearsing for his concert and taking care of the family.

Anita said, “Besides handling his stressful work, he had to manage the family. I was a little worried initially and asked him if he was able to handle. If he could not handle, then I would decline the work. My husband said that everyone had to work. I did not have to affect my decision just because of his thing. So, I went off to earn money.”

After returning home, Anita felt assured after seeing that Chilam handled the chores and took care of the family well. When she went over and hugged Chilam, she realised that he had no respond.

“He was even more tired than me, and could not be woken up. So, I went over with my second move and kissed him, but all I could smell was a strong medicated oil. When I looked at this man who was sleeping so deeply, I felt that he kept himself going for the sake of his career and family. At that moment, I told myself that ‘I did not marry the wrong guy.”



Anita also recalled that when they first dated, the public often compared the two of them. As Anita was more popular than Chilam, he was often described as “Anita Yuen’s boyfriend”. It is the other way now that Anita is being described as “Chilam Cheung’s wife”.

Choking back her tears, Anita said proudly, “I waited very long to be addressed this way!”

Chilam took a piece of tissue and passed to Anita to wipe her tears. This touching moment also drew thunderous applause from the audience.


Source: Sina, The Sun 

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