Undergraduate insists to sue Jacky Wu

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images (1)Jacky Wu was embroiled in a physical assault case on 8 February 2013. While having supper with Elvia Hsia, Kai Ko and Cheryl Yang, Jacky exchanged blows with three undergraduates, whom he thought were paparazzi.

Yesterday, Jacky and the three students were summoned to a court session, but the Taiwanese host was missing at the hearing. Jacky has applied leave of absence from court due to his travelling schedule.

When the prosecutor asked the students if they were willing to settle the case out of court, one of the students replied, “That depends on Jacky Wu’s attitude. He did not attend the hearing. He is not sincere at all!”

Chen Yufeng, one of the students involved in the assault, has received four stitches due to a punch from Jacky. Yufeng’s father was furious with Jacky and slammed that the latter was disrespectful and even joked about this matter on a talk show.

Mr Chen said, “Jacky Wu is a public figure. As a parent himself, don’t he know that we are heartbroken that our son was beaten?”

Mr Chen was also determined to sue Jacky and said, “We do not want any money or fame. We will sue all the way and let the justice reveals the truth!”

Jacky was uncontactable for comments.

Source: Apple Daily

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