Valen Hsu took new beau to Charlie Yeung’s wedding

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Taiwanese singer, Valen Hsu recently took along her new beau to good friend, Charlie Yeung’s wedding in Singapore.

Her new love interest was exposed after a group photo taken with her best friends, Gigi Leung, Angelica Lee, Charlie Yeung and their spouses was posted online. In the photo, Valen’s new beau (nicknamed as Mr Big) was standing behind her, and placed his left hand on her shoulder while Valen also held his hands.

At the wedding banquet, the couple tried to keep a distance from each other, but Mr Big would has his eyes on Valen wherever she went. When Valen and her celebrity friends met up for a meal the next day, Mr Big was also spotted tagging along.

Mr Big and Valen reportedly have been dating for three months. He is said to be same age with Valen and has a tall and well-build stature.

When a reporter congratulated her about her new romance, Valen was shy and replied, “Aiyo… It’s very embarrassing.”

At the wedding ceremony, Valen caught the bridal banquet during the banquet toss. The 39-year-old also shared on her Facebook that this would be her last time acting as a bridesmaid, which prompted many fans to ask if wedding is on the way for her.


Source: Apple Daily 

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