Vanness Wu abstains from sex for five years

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Appearing on a Taiwanese variety programme University recently, Vanness Wu (吴建豪) spoke candidly about his past flirtatious and rebellious behaviour.

When asked by the university students if he had the characteristics of famous sportsmen who were flirtatious and bad tempered, Vanness shocked the crowd with his frank answer.

“I used to be very flirtatious in the past!” said Vanness.

The F4 member went on to reveal that the year 2007 was his most depressing year. Although F4 was at the peak of their popularity, he was unable to do the music he loved. As he needed to support his family, he lost his life direction and resulted in frequent quarrels with his parents.

Vanness even went on to reveal that he had thought little about the women around him. Said Vanness, “I quarrelled a lot with my parents at that time. I even went around drinking and courting girls. I treated girls like a piece of meat and a product only.”

However, Vanness’ mindsets and attitudes change after he was baptised as a christian few years back. “I then realise that women are the best creations and my past attitudes towards the women are so wrong!”

It is understood that Vanness have abstained from sex for five years, and will have his prayers should his sex urge arises.


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