Vanness Wu celebrates his wife’s 32nd birthday

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Vanness Wu

Vanness Wu organised a surprise birthday party for his wife, Arissa Cheo recently. Celebrating Arissa’s 32nd birthday, Vanness created a fairytale celebration and decorated the venue with lots of balloons in cartoon characters such as mermaid.

Posting their joyous photos on the Weibo, Vanness expressed love for his wife on her special occasion. He wrote, “The best way to love her is to treat everyday like her birthday. Happy birthday!”

Arissa was touched by Vanness’ special arrangement and returned with a kiss. She responded, “Thank you to the best hubby ever. Thank u for the surprise birthday party! You are the BEST! MuAH.”

Elva Hsiao was also one of the guests at the party. Currently rumoured to be dating Arissa’s brother, Elroy, Elva was seen chatting happily with his mother.


Source: Nownews 

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