Vanness Wu clarifies his “What” reply was misunderstood

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Hong Kong media reported that Vanness Wu turned angry and shouted, “What” when asked on his relationship with his wife. 

When the report surfaced, it sparks speculations that his marriage is on the rocks.

Vanness has since clarified on his Facebook that his “What” reply was meant to be a humour. He also recorded a 3-second sound clip of the word “What” and shared on his Facebook.

He wrote, “It turns out that making people laugh can be written as being angry. Ok… then let me do it again. When you laugh this time, are you happy or are you scared by me?”

Vanness’ manager also clarified that his word “What” was meant to be light-hearted, and it was misinterpreted as getting angry towards the reporters.

Vanness felt helpless about the report, and hence he made the clip to express his feelings.

Source: Ettoday

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